Weida – Polysept Septic Tank

March 4, 2010, Posted by ibuild at 10:54 am | 4 Comments

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Distributed / Manufactured by: WEIDA PHILIPPINES, INC.
email ad: sales@weida.com.ph
Website:  www.weida.com.ph
Contact Number: (632) 706-2002
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WEIDA Polysept

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  1. YUSRINA says:

    i from consultant..can i get ur septic tank product brochure include with product approval..

  2. Thanks for a very well-written article regarding septic tanks. There’s definitely a lot to learn in this topic and some simple tips in maintaining septic tanks.

  3. alvin brizuela says:

    hi, can you give me price quotations of your polysept (5 types), i’m planning to use your product on my on-going projects, currently i need 4 units septic tanks- the type of which will depend on the cost of your polysept.
    thanks and hope to receive your reply the soonest.

    engr alvin brizuela

  4. hadi says:

    hi, can you give me price for PS-3 polysept septic tank?

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