Steiger Laminate Flooring

November 19, 2009, Posted by gerard at 12:09 am | 13 Comments

Construction Material
Category: Floor Coverings
Source: Brochure
Distributed by: Design Source
Contact Person: Cesar Reyes Jr.
Contact Number: 483-9347, 411-5901


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Currently have 13 Comments

  1. froilan dy ico says:

    pls. send me pricelist of laminated wood. asap tnx.

  2. jeri says:

    pls send me pricelist and photos of available designs. thanks

  3. poi gurl says:

    can you pls send me price list and sample colors for laminate flooring? thanks.

  4. Abby Forcadela says:

    hi, can you please email me a qoutation of laminated floor for 80sqm meter as soon as posible please. here’s my email add:

    thank you and god bless,
    abby forcadela

  5. Frax Alvarado says:

    pls send me pricelist and photos of available designs. thanks


    Could you please send me information regarding 1 box of laminate flooring, how much per box and its area coverage? Thanks.

  7. edna says:

    can you please send me prices of laminated floor tiles for 20sqm area Thank you. Hope you can send it asap

  8. Terry Montano says:

    may we request for a quotation for steiger laminated flooring 24 sq. m. as soon as possible. Thanks

  9. Oliver Diestro says:

    Please send me quotation..thank you.

  10. Mark Alkonga says:

    can you pls send me pricelist of laminated wood flooring with photos of the available designs..

  11. Anne says:

    Please give me a qoutation of enginered wood for 250sq.mtrs. And photos for choices. Thank you.

  12. Ric Abusmas says:

    Kindly e-mail me pricelists of timber laminated flooring.

    Thanks and best regards.

  13. Ronaldo San Miguel says:

    Requesting for laminate flooring pricelist

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