Somico Steel

April 22, 2010, Posted by gerard at 2:09 pm | 3 Comments

Category: Structural
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Manufactured by: Somico Steel Mill Corporation
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Contact Number: (+632) 241-9251 to 58

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  1. jetro says:

    i just want to know if how much the deform bars.. just send me an email..
    i will refer you on our project

  2. jap manalac says:

    Hi Sir,
    We would like to visit your plant to refer our products of Rolls and Guides as well as the machine Lathe,Notching,Spare Parts etc.Can you please accommodate as my 09163301119.
    Many Thanks,
    Jap Manalac
    Account Manager

  3. Maria Simeulle Sy says:

    Do you have wire mesh?
    8mm at .15m spacing, .2m spacing and .3m spacing?
    6mm at .15m spacing, .2m spacing and .3m spacing?
    10mm at .15m spacing, .2m spacing and .3m spacing?

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