Sanimold Pipes

August 13, 2009, Posted by gerard at 12:40 pm | 4 Comments

Construction Material
Category: Plumbing/ Sanitary
Source: Brochure
Company/Manufacturer: Moldex Products, Inc.
Contact Number: (632) 373-1000



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  1. Antonio G. Jayme Jr says:

    I wish to be one of the supplier of Sanimold products in Bacolod City, please let me know what is required to be a supplier. thanks

  2. Jun de Mesa says:

    May we send you Bill of Materials for price quotation and possibly supply of our requirements.
    Thank you very much.

  3. Yazer G. Gollayan says:

    hi….. I’m Yazer Gollayan an freelance electrical and plumbing contractor here in Tumauini Isabela.May I ask for copy of youre complete product brochoures for me to market to my prospetive clients…thanks and hoping for your response…

  4. Sam Noromor says:

    Hi! I am a new plumbing contractor, looking for a PVC supplier. may I ask for your list of PVC pipes and fittings with prices? Hope to have a business with you.

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