Eterton- Placa Romana Roofing Tile

June 17, 2010, Posted by ibuild at 2:38 am | 2 Comments

Category: Roofing
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Company/Manufacturer: Eterton Multi-Resources Corporation
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Contact Number: 532-7021 to 27

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  1. Hi!

    We are a manufacturer of Skylights and one of our customer uses a Placa Romana Roofing. Can we have the data sheet of Placa Romana such as the dimension (including the Rib Height of it) so that we could customize our product to fit into the Placa Romana Roofing. Kindly email to me at this address

    Thank you very much.


    Jan Michael Manalo
    SG Eco Industries Inc.

  2. Michael torres says:

    My fathet lives near the sea and he use g.i.corrugated sheet as the time past ny it begun to rust so we want to use the placa romana can u provide me of the product profile and installation drawing lastly the location is in pngasinan do you have a warehouse or store near infanta pngasinan


    Hoping for your kind consideration

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