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January 30, 2010, Posted by gerard at 10:40 am | 6 Comments

Construction Materials

Category: Roofing

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Manufactured by:  Puyat Steel Corporation

Website: www.puyatsteel.com

Contact Number: 631-8316 to 22

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  1. jera says:

    Could you give me the costing and specification of placa romana roof material….. thanks

  2. rommel says:

    can u send me the price list of long span roofing and bended gutter,, thanks..
    rib type – 276.80 pcs. 0.4x 1m
    smoke gutter – 32 pcs. – 0.4x24x8
    valley gutter – 10 pcs. 0.4x16x8
    ridge roll – 21 pcs. – 0.4x16x8
    wall flashing – 2 pcs. 0.4x16x8

  3. Joyce Acena says:

    Good day. Just want to ask for a roofing quotation, materials and instlallation. We have a 40 sqm third floor for roofing. We prefer the APO tilespan maxi or the expanded panel roofing. The house is at maybunga pasig, near pasig city general hospital. Kindly email price at joyceacena@yahoo.com. Thanks!

  4. eduard barairo says:

    philmetal roof or puyat? which is the best? please explain.

  5. jan says:

    Hi gud am ask sana ako kung makapagbigay kayo for factory price tiles span maxi.

  6. noel c. castillo says:

    kindly send me your different roofing profile together with your price list, we got a project here at margosatubig, zamboanga del sur

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