Apo Banawe Metal Roofing

August 11, 2009, Posted by gerard at 12:09 pm | 11 Comments

Category: Roofing
Source: Brochure
Company/Manufacturer: Puyat Steel Corporation
Website: www.puyatsteel.com
Contact Number: 631-8316 to 22



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  1. Engr. Quim P. Torres says:

    Good day!

    Im interested with this type of roofing.. I have several projects here in Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental and Im interested to try your product. How and where can I get Informations? Thanks

  2. Bobby Claros says:


    I am having my house built in LGV Quezon City and I am interested in the Banawe roofing.

    Can I talk to someone from your team and possibly get a quotation please? You may reach me at 09178256111 or via my email bclarosphi@aol.com.

    Thank you.

  3. lawrence says:

    pwede ba i install ang banawe roof na hindi pabalagbag, i mean instead na banawe ang nakikita sa labas ay ikutin ito ng 90 degrees in such a way na ang canal nia ay pababa? thanks

  4. aileen ortiz says:

    just want to ask how much will it cost us if our proposed house house is 193 sqm. (floor area) using the banawe type of roof?thanks in advance

  5. arch.greg guevara says:

    Hi, I specify this type of roof to my ongoing two storey house project. may i know the price difference compared to ribbed type roof, also can you give me a ball park figure for a square. meter. please e-mail me asap. thanks.

  6. arch. joef guazon says:

    Hi! I have a residential project in bicol (about 265sq.m. f.a.) and I’m interested in “banawe” roofing.. Is “Banawe” roofing applicable in tropical or typhoon prone areas? How about the installation, is it easy to install that a regular roof installer can do the installation? or it requires installer that specializes installation of “banawe” roofings?
    How about the quality & durability difference between “banawe” & other “APO” roofing?.. & How about the cost? Thanks.

  7. teng sunga says:

    I would like to know how much it will cost for Banawe roofing area of 180 sq m. Thank you.

  8. nette fong says:

    hi I would like to ask how much would it cost for Banawe roofing area of 120 sq. m

  9. nette fong says:

    also for apo expanded panel roofing same area 120 sq. m thank you

  10. Arch. Alvin Estocapio says:

    Good day, I have 2 residential projects here in Metro Manila and interested in using the APO Galfan BANAWE, however, i would like to know first the cost of your product per square meter when i have a roof area of around 150 sqm. then if i may also know if you have a crew that specializes in installing this particular product. How do i prepare my roof framing, should the distances of my roof purlins be the same as the regular preparations as of the ordinary G.I. roof? Please include also the name and telephone no. of your Technical personnel whom i can contact for further queries. You can reach me through 0932-2869500 or email me aqe3009@gmail.com Please reply ASAP…thank you very much.

  11. Hector Dizon says:

    To whom it may concern,
    I am having my house built in Malolos, Bulacan and I would like to inquire about your roofing (banawe or TileSpan) whichever fits my budget. I am currently preparing the trusses.
    Can I talk to someone from your team and possibly get a quotation please? You may reach me at 09178558712 or via my email.

    Hope to hear from you the soonest.

    Hector Dizon

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